3 Effective Hemp Oil Uses For Skincare

13th July 2018

1. Skin Reactions

For eczema, psoriasis, and rashes, simply dab unrefined, hemp oil on the location throughout the day. If your skin condition spreads or is not healing, check in with your doctor and make sure the problem isn't more severe.

2. Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

This is my take on an amaze recipe for DIY moisturizers from Crunchy Betty's site. Hemp seed is great for acne-prone skin due to its light consistency. I use this as my carrier oil, which is the 'meat' of the moisturizer. Then I add a few drops of neem oil, which can be found at any vitamin store, for its ability to heal and restore dark spots left from acne. Of course, I also add a bit of my trusty lavender oil. This moisturizer doesn't stir up any hormonal acne by clogging up my pores and it also has a low SPF that I helps protect me from that glaring sun. Of course, if you burn easily, you'll still need to apply a sunscreen.

3. Oil Cleansing

About a year ago, I got into oil cleansing as an acne treatment. I will be totally upfront, this was my first natural beauty regimen and my skin FREAKED out. I'm sure that it was partially because it was ridding itself from all the gnarly chemicals I had been applying on my face for decades, but it was also because those pores were stayin' all types of clogged. I've adjusted my recipe for weekly oil treatments, because it has been great at decreasing the amount ofexcess oil my skin produces. My new weekly oil cleanse is one part hemp oil, one part tea tree oil, a few drops of lavender oil, and jojoba oil. This is def my oil cleansing jam now, and my skin is super soft afterwards.