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Cibdol CBD oil 5% (500mg.) replaces Cibdol's popular 4% CBD oil and is a moderate strength CBD falling in the middle-ground between the 2.5% and 10% CBD oils, it is one of the purest CBD oils on the market today. It is made from the finest naturally grown hemp and doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives or additives. Unlike cannabis, Cibdol CBD oil is 100% pure and doesn’t get you high after consumption. 

Cibdol ensures their CBD products only comprise of valuable compounds and ensure this by engaging in safe and responsible practices from seed to bottle.  A refined mix of Supercritical CO₂ extraction and filtration results in oils that look as good on the outside as they are on the inside.  Third party testing of every batch guarantees quality and consistency.

Cibdol CBD oil 5% is the perfect choice for those looking to supplement themselves with a moderate amount of CBD - all in an easy to use package.

Cibdol's olive oil based CBD oils are also available in 2.5% , 10%, 15%, 20%30% and 40%.



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Dosing Cibdol CBD is easy and straight-forward.  The recommended  dosage for Cibdol CBD 5% (500mg.) oil is 3 to 4 drops up to three times per day.  Shake well before use.  Keep under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.  Since Cibdol CBD oil won’t get you high and doesn’t have any side-effects, you can take it any time of the day without any problems.

Cibdol CBD oils are 100% natural and should be stored in a dark and cool place, away from direct sunlight. After opening your oil it is best kept in your refrigerator or other cool, dark place.

* Do not exceed recommended dosage. Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. Keep out of reach of children.  This product is a food supplement.

  • 100% legal hemp fibre.
  • Olive oil, hemp extract, terpenes.
  • Full spectrum. 
  • No heavy metals.
  • Guaranteed organic hemp.
  • Doesn’t contain growth hormones.
  • Free from fungicides.
  • No chemical fertilisers used.
  • Not treated with pesticides.
  • THC free.

Shake well before use.  Dropper bottle content:  

10ml. 5% CBD (500mg.).  2.3mg. CBD per drop/200+ drops.  

Shelf life:  6 months after opening.

All products are vegan, gluten free, halal friendly and lactose free. 

Cibdol's olive oil based CBD oils are also available in 2.5% , 10% , 15%, 20%30% and 40%.

* Please note that this product cannot be smoked or vaporised.

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